Cambridge 2000

This is a website with lots of photos of Cambridge, England, and other places, a database of Tiffany stained glass windows, and a few other things. The main emphasis is on architecture, stained glass, and art generally, but there are also many photographs of nature.

Cambridge 2000 project
1800+ photos of Cambridge buildings
Cambridge Science Park: Milton Road: Napp Pharmaceutical Tiffany Census
A catalogue of Tiffany stained glass windows

David and Helen Maitland Armstrong Census
A catalogue of Maitland Armstrong stained glass windows

Cambridge Science Park: Milton Road: Q.ton Forum Gallery of photos
8600+ photos of nature,
architecture, art and glass
Northampton, Massachusetts: Jackson Street: winter sunrise iPhone app
Wright Guide
buildings Kings College: Front Court: chapel: west facade Cambridge 1950
city planning viewed from the past
university: Senate House Hill: Senate House
Cambridge, England: Boathouse Court Cam floods
February 2001
October 2001
January 2003
Jesus College: library stained glass window Azara Blog
mainly science and politics
mainly UK and Cambridge
Cambridge snow
December 2000
January 2003
January 2004
March 2005
February 2007
March 2008
February 2009
December 2009
December 2010
February 2012
January 2013
December 2022
Maple tree, Botanic Garden Memos
mainly political
Park Guell: summer sun plafond photographs

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