Cambridge 2000: Hills Road: Kett House

Description: Hills Road: Kett House
Date built: 2000-2001
Architect: CMC Architects
Hills Road: Kett House (CMC Architects) map for Hills Road: Kett House
Date photograph taken: 09 May 2001 (Alternative map: Google map)

The original Kett House dated from 1961-1962 (by Trehearne and Norman, Preston and Partners), but in 2000 it was completely gutted and refurbished. (It was not demolished and a new building put up because the city would have reduced the parking quota.) The large wall sculpture was reconstructed from a sculpture that was on the original building in much the same location.

Unbelievably in 2005 (i.e. only a few years later) it was proposed that as part of the re-development of the railway station area this, and all the other offices on this side of Station Road, and those past Tenison Road on the other side, should be demolished. That plan was thrown out by the city government (for other reasons) and in a new plan offered in 2007, Kett House was no longer threatened (although the other buildings still were).

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