Cambridge 2000: Histon Road: Chestnut House, 3

Description: Histon Road: Chestnut House, 3
Date built: 2014-2016
Histon Road: Chestnut House, 3 map for Histon Road: Chestnut House, 3
Date photograph taken: 07 Jun 2016 (Alternative map: Google map)

This block of student accommodation replaced a Texaco petrol (gas) station. In between the closure of the station and the construction of the new building, the site was occupied for years by a car washing operation because the planning procedure took so long. In the end, this building is too large, too close to the neighbouring properties, and uninspiring.

The first part of the construction was relatively quick because the individual student rooms were hoisted into place by crane in a week or two. But the rest of the construction was not any quicker than normal. The building was occupied by students in 2015 but the ground floor façade was not finished until 2016 and even then the small space at the front was not completed until 2018, when an estate agent became the first occupant.

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