Cambridge 2000: Coldham's Lane

Description: Coldham's Lane: billboard for ARM
Coldham's Lane map for Coldham's Lane
Date photograph taken: 12 Mar 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

It is unusual to see billboards with job advertisements on them, particularly for specialised jobs, but in Cambridge this might just work as a method of recruitment.

It was often said in the late 1990s, particularly by hi-tech companies, that there was a skills shortage, so that they could not get the right staff. What this really meant was that they were not remunerating their employees sufficiently. When it came to top management this was accepted, but, funnily enough, not for highly skilled technical employees. Another option for companies would be to train people up to the required level, but this is rarely done in England.

The company doing the advertising was ARM, one of Cambridge's success stories.

After the collapse of the internet pyramid scam (around the time this photograph was taken) the hi-tech world of Cambridge, like elsewhere, suffered and hiring employees was no longer the problem.

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