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Date published: 2009/01/08

Byron's Pool in Trumpington has been a "Local Nature Reserve" since January 2005. Unfortunately the city of Cambridge decided to massacre over 70 trees the last couple of months of 2008. The main result was the clearance of most of a large area in the middle of the reserve.

The city claims, on a notice left at the site:

These trees have been selected on the basis of the on going management objective to remove invasive non native species i.e. Sycamore and Horse Chestnut and/or are being removed due to Health and Safety risks i.e. decay. Trees have also been selected that obstruct the watercourse and/or cause severe shading of the river.

From looking at the destruction, it seems that most of the trees were removed because they were allegedly "bad" species. On the other hand, the Health and Safety excuse is just risible. What kind of "Nature Reserve" is it where they have to remove decaying trees for health and safety reasons? And only a few of the trees removed were next to the river (and so allegedly "obstructing" it).

The notice also says:

Where possible felled timber will be kept on site to create natural barriers and to provide additional dead wood habitats.

In actuality, only a couple of trees were left behind. The rest were carted off, with a dozen large piles of sawdust left behind.

Remains of perfectly healthy tree that was cut down:
tree trunk left over

Area where most trees were removed:
area cleared of most trees

One of the few trees cut down that was left behind to provide "dead wood habitats":
tree left over

Large ruts left behind by vehicles used in clearance:
large ruts

Update: The city seems to be vandalising trees everywhere, now also at Hobson's Conduit.

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