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Pre-compiled releases include Lesstif and Python. For a pre-compiled Linux (respectively OSX) release you probably need to add .../azara-2.8/lesstif/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH (resp. DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH) where ... = the directory in which you unpacked the tgz file. For example, in a bash shell for Linux you can do:

  export  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.../azara-2.8/lesstif/lib

For the source code release, Motif/Lesstif is needed for plot1 and plot2.

Python is needed for DataRows (a Python module which lets you access blocked data by row). If you are using a pre-compiled release then you need to use azara-2.8/bin/pythonAzara to access this functionality (this is just python but called something else to avoid naming conflicts).

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